Underground artists of India!

All of us love music and musicians. We mainly focus on Bollywood music. We praise artists who are already established. We talk about musicians who have already carved a niche for themselves. What about the artists who are as talented and as hard working as the established ones? What about the artists who are still waiting for a break? We often tend to forget them. The raunchy item song videos often divert us from real music.

Here Artistaloud comes to the picture. Artistaloud is organizing an award ceremony to discover and facilitate all those artists who are still waiting to create their own identities in the music industry.  We should support such a noble cause. We can motivate all underground artists by voting for them at http://artistaloud.com/aama

Keep voting for your favorite artist. The first phase of voting will end on 22nd April 2015. Top 5 voted artists will proceed to the 2nd phase. Each vote matters, every vote counts. Help someone achieve his/her dream. If we can listen to crappy item songs, we can definitely support real music. Let music survive! Support #AAMA2014. May the best underground artist win.

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