Celebrate every moment!

Life is too short. Try to live each moment as the last one. Celebrate each moment as the best moment of your life. Make each moment a memorable one. Think less, do more, take risks, do what you love, take a break, explore the unknown, have no regrets and live life king size. That is the motto of my life.

Life is a journey and all of us are mere travellers. If we don't travel, then we don't do justice to the sole purpose of our existence. I love to travel. I love to explore the unexplored. Travelling relaxes my mind and soothes my soul. Travelling rejuvenates my spirit. Travelling makes me feel happy. And that matters the most. How travelling makes me happy?

1) Shopaholic Me - I am a shopaholic. I love to purchase unique products and I love antiques. Travelling to different parts of our country helps me to discover unique antiques. Each city/state has something unique to offer. Each city/state has a different flavour. Each city/state is famous in a different way. I explore each city/state and discover something unique every time.

2) Love for Literature - I love to read. I love to know more about different cultures, religions, literature, languages, folk tales, urban legends et cetera. India has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Each and every state is different from each other in terms of culture, history and language. Each city/state has a different tale to tell. Each city/state has numerous historical monuments which express the glory and pride of our past generation. Plenty of hunting grounds for me :D

3) Love for food - Different states/cities offer different cuisines and dishes. Some dishes are absolutely delicious and some are equally unforgettable. Travelling is another excuse for treating my taste buds. 'Vada Pav' of Mumbai, 'Macher Jhol' of Kolkata, 'Chole Bhature' of Delhi, 'Butter Chicken' of Punjab, 'Masala Dosa' of Chennai: Every state attracts me with it's unique lip smacking dishes. And I can never say NO!

4) Socially Yours - We are social animals. We need to communicate and interact with others in order to survive. We can never survive in "Fortress of solitude". We need to make friends, fall in love, express our emotions, share our moments of joys and sorrows to live the life meant for a human being. Travelling is the best way to make new friends. I meet strangers, interact with them, spend some time together, share my views with them, learn something new from those strangers and at the end of the day, make some new friends and take home some really wonderful memories!

Take a break from everyday life, break a few rules, travel across the globe, smile and create a truckload of "Happy Memories". That is the summary of LIFE!

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  1. awesome post... I can relate with points 1 and 4... :-)
    do read my post on the same prompt when time permits... here's the link :-) Cheers, Archana

    1. Thank you, Archana Ma'am :)
      BTW, your post is awesome.

  2. Well, third is the most important thing for me and I celebrate my every moment with it :) FOOD!! Though the rest all points are well expressed. Great post!