The Great Indian Litterbug!

Meet The Great Indian Litterbug. No, do not think that he is uneducated. He is highly educated and works in a reputed company. He enjoys parties, watches Bollywood and Hollywood movies, plays guitar, takes part in debate competitions and earns millions. But when it comes to littering, he proves that he is a class above others!

He orders food from well known restaurants. He relishes the food and then he throws the leftovers on the street and goes to sleep. He forgets that there is a dustbin in his kitchen. Perhaps he is suffering from “Short term memory loss” like the hero of “Ghajini”.

He adores Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He saw Mr. Bachchan's famous movie “Don” in which Mr. Bachchan ate betel and sang “Khaaike Paan Banaras wala”. Our Great Indian Litterbug gets inspired and tries to imitate Mr. Bachchan. He dresses up like a gentleman, eats a betel, goes out for a walk and spits on the street! Such is the style of our Great Indian Litterbug. No, Mr. Bachchan never told anybody to spit on the road!  

Our Great Indian Litterbug believes in “Eat healthy, Stay healthy”. He purchases fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. He never carries a bio degradable bag with him. He packs the fruits and vegetables in polythene bags and brings them home. He stores the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and then throws the polythene bags on the street. And all this time, the dustbin in his kitchen makes a mockery of the sign printed on it: USE ME!

Source: www.google.com

He lives in a posh area. He is a well-known face. People respect him. But our great Indian Litterbug believes in urinating in public. Seriously? Does he enjoy fresh air while taking a leak? Does he hate the ambiance of his marble plated modern bathroom? Or does he think that urinating in public is his birth right? Somebody must tell him that urinating in public is a shameful act. In fact, Bollywood should promote this message in a movie!

Our great Indian Litterbug loves to workout. He wants to be fit and healthy like Salman Khan. He works out at his own gym. After finishing an hour of strenuous workout, he goes outside to grab a bottle of juice. After drinking the last drops of the juice, he simply throws the plastic bottle on the road. He tends to forget that plastic is a non-biodegradable material. And he is blind enough to not see the huge dustbins set up across the roads by our government!

Why is he doing this? Doesn't he know that littering is a bad habit? Doesn't he know his rights and duties as a responsible citizen? Doesn't he believe in making our country cleaner? Our great Indian litterbug knows everything yet he keeps on littering. Why? Pure and unadulterated ignorance!

Stop littering and start cleaning. Only then India can be “Swachh Bharat”.

*This post is a part of IndiBlogger's The Great Indian Litterbug campaign.

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