True Lies!

Lies are the cheapest way to cheat someone. We often lie because we are afraid of telling the truth. We think that it is safe to lie. We believe that we will never be caught. But we tend to forget that one day, truth will rise like a phoenix and destroy the darkness of lies. We forget that it takes years to gain someone's precious trust and it takes only a few seconds to break that bond of trust with just a small lie!

All of us have told lies, we can never deny that. The reasons might be different, the circumstances may vary but a lie will always be a lie. We should always try to speak the truth even if it may cause a temporary discomfort to someone. A moment of pain is always better than a lifetime of mistrust.

As I passed through various stages of life, I garnered experience, I gathered courage, I found couple of grey hairs on my head and I certainly found out that telling the truth is always the best option. Earlier I used to lie when my parents asked me about the status of my report card. Now I do not lie even when my parents ask me anything about my "Love Life". If you can be honest with yourself, you can certainly be honest with the whole world.

I have adopted the path of truth and honestly, I expect the same from everybody. But you can never compel someone to tell the truth every time. Truth is stranger than fiction and the theme of that fiction varies from person to person.  When someone lies to me, I do not react instantly. I try to be in his/her shoes. I try to think the probable reasons for which he/she was forced to lie. I try to analyse his/her situation. If I fail to arrive at any logical conclusion, then I always try to hear that particular person's version of story: why he/she was compelled to lie? A conversation can always clear any level of misunderstanding. And if, after a good conversation session, I find out that that particular person lied to me without any particular reason, then I always try to forgive him/her. It is another matter that I may never trust him/her completely ever again, still I try to give him/her another chance to adopt the path of truth. We humans often make errors and everybody deserves a second chance, no matter what! Say no to lies. Always try your level best to speak the truth. May the force be with you!

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