The words which we left unspoken!

You don’t like me, it’s all right,
It’s not my job to be liked, it’s my job to do what’s right.
The things which we left behind, mostly were memories which were not so kind.
The words which we left unspoken, were the feelings which we were unable to find.

Between thoughts and action, there comes temptation.
The show must go on, There will be peace when I am gone.
Without you, Life has no fun.
I seem to be on a never ending run.

First sign of the rains, Lost in your pain,
Thoughts running like a train,
The battle between heart and brain,
Living without you is insane, I am Going through the darkest lane.

When you told me to move on,
Suddenly Life took a U-turn.
You were my passion,
Suddenly I lost my sole source of motivation.

I never had any wrong intention,
Still my soul lost the emotion known as compassion,
No, there were no faults in our relation.
This was the curse of our damned situations.

If there are sins, then there are resurrections.
There is hope in God’s creation.
One day I will arrive at my final destination,
Till then my dreams will hover around oblivion.

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