Let's put a smile on that face!

Well, everybody loves good food. And when the food which tastes good is  equally healthy, that doubles up the joy factor. Treat your taste buds with McCain Snacks. McCain Snacks are easy to prepare and these are healthy as well as tasty.

I will use McCain Smiles to make my buddy smile on the occasion of his birthday. How? Easy!

Deep fry McCain Smiles in oil for about 3 minutes. Add thin slices of carrot, cucumber and onion on the top of McCain Smiles. Insert McCain Smiles(with carrot, cucumber and onion slices on top) inside brown bread slices. Insert a small candle at the centre of brown bread slices. Light up the candle and a smiling McCain "healthy and nutritious" Birthday Cake is ready to wish my buddy on his birthday!

Such is the magic and simplicity of McCain Smiles. Say cheese and keep smiling! :)

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