Comedy Hunt!

Stand-Up Comedy is the toughest job. Trust me, I am not telling a lie. Performing in front of a huge crowd always creates butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes, the crowd never appreciates your hard work. The crowd never laughs at your wittiest lines. Sometimes, the crowd boos you. Sometimes, you might be going through an emotional turmoil, Still, you have to stand on the stage, hide your own tears, perform and make others laugh. A job is a job. You have to accept the criticism and keep performing till the crowd accepts you as a good performer. 
Performing in pubs is never easy. People at pubs want to have a good time. People at pubs want to enjoy. People at pubs want to experience something new. In pubs, if the audience doesn't like your performance, then you will receive a lot of criticism. Never be afraid of the stage, Never think about the negative response of the crowd, Never let the success get into your head. Stand on the stage, take a deep breath, forget about the world and start performing to spread smiles all around. 
Live In Style is doing something good for stand-up comedians. Live In Style is supporting stand-up comedians. During his/her first live stand-up performance, A stand-up comedian feels as if he/she is in hell. He/She feels as if he/she is an alien in front of other homo sapiens. He/She faces his/her worst fears. Live In Style teaches the stand-up comedians how to deal with these negative feelings and criticism with a smile. LiveInStyle teaches stand-up comedians how to deal with stage fear. Live In Style teaches stand-up comedians how to keep on performing even when the audience is not interested at all. And the number of Stand-Up comedians is growing each and every year, thanks to the wonderful support and guidance of Live In Style. As the audience, we should always respect the hard work of stand-up comedians. As performers, stand-up comedians should never give up. They should give their best. One day, they will definitely taste the elixir of success!

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