Dreams Of Childhood!

Education of kids is the primary concern of Indian parents. Parents often focus on education of their kids and tend to ignore extracurricular activities as they want their kids to score maximum marks in each and every exam. Parents forget about the importance of extracurricular activities which develop the creativity and personality of kids. Extracurricular activities like painting, singing, dancing et cetera are very important for kids. Will it not be great if parents can encourage their kids to chase their passion with dedication? 
There should be a balance between studies and extracurricular activities/sports. It is tough to be a master in both fields, still one can try to maintain a healthy average between both sports and studies. The main headache of parents: How to maintain a balance between studies and extracurricular activities of kids? KleverKid app comes to the rescue here. This amazing app can find great extracurricular activities for kids. It can also find experienced tutors, coaches and academics to help kids professionally as well as academically. Download the app and register. It offers various programs like Sports, Arts, Dance, Music, Academics, Computers and Playschools. This app is currently providing services in Delhi & NCR and Bangalore. If you are a tutor, then also you can register in this app and provide services to parents who are looking for tutors for their kids. It is an amazing platform for both tutors and parents. Parents can easily find experienced tutors for their kids and experienced tutors can easily find parents who are looking for their services. Maintaining that balance between academics and extracurricular activities is so easy now. Wish this type of service was available when I was a kid. Sigh!

Do visit the KleverKid website for more details.

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