Discovering Real Togetherness!


In today's technologically advanced age, people are using technology everywhere. Nowadays, people do not visit their parents during holidays. They just make a video call via skype. People don't meet their friends to celebrate their birthdays, They just send a message via WhatsApp. People even don't invite their near and dear ones to their own marriage, They just create a Facebook event. Such is the impact of technology on human life!

Due to the advancement of technology, people have forgotten the real meaning of togetherness. Togetherness means spending quality time with your friends and family, interacting with each other(not virtually), enjoy lunch and dinner together, take a trip down the memory lane and have some fun. We have become slaves of technology. Smartphones and various applications are ruling us. This is not the appropriate use of technology. Humans are social animals, not necessarily "Social Networking" animals.

When was the last time when you had met a friend personally to wish him/her on his/her birthday? When had you last met your parents personally? When had you went out for a vacation with your loved ones? Can't even remember? Yes, blame it on technology and advancement of smartphones in our lives! Hitting a "LIKE" on your friend's profile picture doesn't mean that you are still in contact with him/her. To stay in contact, you need to share your feelings too!

So, what should be the next step? How to free yourself from the clutches of technology? How to find the meaning of "Real Togetherness"? Simple: Take a break, leave your smartphone behind and explore the beauty of Nature with your friends and family. Why? Well, Nature is the best example of "Real Togetherness". Shrubs, Trees, Insects, Birds, Animals et cetera enjoy togetherness under Nature. All of them live peacefully even without using an iota of technology! According to me, That is the meaning of "Real Togetherness".

If you go out to explore the beauty of Nature with your friends and family, then you will get enough time to bond with them. There will be no technology to disturb you. So, you can actually interact with your friends and family, know about their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes and how much they had missed you. Even you can share your feelings and emotions with them. Your friends and family will definitely feel good after connecting with you after a long gap. It will be a great experience. At the end of the day, you will feel much better. You will find peace and harmony on the lap of Nature. Do not let technology to rule your life. Become the master of technology. Go ahead, take a leap of faith and plan for an escapade to Nature right away.

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