The Never ending Zest!

Zest is all about energy.Zest is all about enthusiasm.Zest is all about 'never giving up'.Zest is all about fighting for the right.Zest is all about chasing dreams.Zest is all about living the passion.So,I am here to describe who and what will add Zest to my life!

*The First Zest : Sir Sachin Tendulkar

Well,As an Indian,I am always a die hard fan of Sir Sachin Tendulkar(even after his retirement)!.
The perfect role model,The crowd puller,The achiever,The God of cricket,The Most humble sportsperson,The Record Breaker,The Little Master,The Legend,Shane Warne's worst nightmare etc etc are some of the numerous nicknames of SRT!

Sachin's dedication and passion towards cricket was unimaginable.He surpassed the limits of the mere mortal and achieved the status of a 'superhuman' just because of his sheer hard work.He never gave up.He sacrificed the comfort of a normal life to achieve something for our India!His 'Zest' for cricket was simply superb!He achieved everything,but till now,he is just the same 'curly haired shy child prodigy'.And whenever he batted,India just stood still!Every heartbeat could be heard and the roar after his each and every of his records was simply awesome!
He has always motivated me to chase my dreams.His struggles remind me that 'Form is temporary and Class is permanent'.Thank You Sachin for the lovely memories!
May the Legend live Forever!

*The Second Zest : Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 

The perfect 'Rags to Riches' story!The most believable fairy tale!The hard story of struggle!The journey towards stardom!The instant fame and recognition!From 'The people's Champ to The Hercules!That is the story of 'The Rock'!

Dwayne Johnson started as a football player during his college days at University of Miami and went on to win a National championship on the 1991 Miami Hurricanes football team.Then he started his journey towards stardom through WWE,following the footsteps of his grandfather and father who were legends in their own terms.

People instantly fell in love with the charming personality and the never ending drama of 'The Rock' which earned him the title 'The People's Champ',and of course,do not forget about Ten WWE world championship belts.

And who can forget the 'Zest' quote of  "Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: In 1995 I had $7 bucks in my pocket and knew two things: I"m broke as hell and one day I won"t be."Good enough to raise the goosebumps.Good enough to motivate anybody.Good enough to fight back harder.Good enough a reason to 'Die another day'.And,I did exactly these!And I want to be as Zestful and Successful as 'The Great One'!

*The Third Zest : The Batman 

Just a normal guy,well a billionaire,but simply laced with advanced technology,devoid of any superhuman ability,but still able to instill fear in the mindset of criminals......that is the best description of The Batman!
The kid who lost his parents early,the teenager who faced his fears of Bats and chose to become the Guardian of Gotham,The caped crusader,The Dark Knight,The lover who lost his love,The owner of Wayne Enterprises,The man who sacrificed his sleeps to keep Gotham free from the terror of criminals,The silent guardian,a watchful protector,The hero that Gotham deserved in true sense,The outcast,The person who can make the choice which no one else can make,the right choice!Bruce Wayne lost everything as a normal human being but Batman kept his 'Zest' alive and always delivered whenever Gotham needed 'The Dark Knight'.And he never cared about his personal losses which makes him 'A True Hero'!

*The Fourth Zest : Stephen Hawkings
The man who has almost defeated all the physical atrocities to create a magical saga that is based on tedious experiments, knowledge, application and brilliance. The legendary scientist who is acclaimed world-wide because of his momentous theoretical prediction proving that black holes emit radiation, is …perhaps the most respected personality in the field of physics…the reason being simple; he has made those critical aspects of the subject look very simple through his diligence and indomitable spirit, he is indeed a glowing example of spur, stimulation and arousal. The way he communicates through the artificial speech recognition devise is really amicable…shows that the intensity is pretty much there, the zeal to prove something to the world, to justify his mere existence…to inspire millions. His apocryphal contribution to the field of Physics has taken the world by surprise; people had ward-ed him off the course …a feeble little kid confined on a wheel-chair wouldn’t have gone so far ahead in life without incitation, without ‘hunger’….he is a glowing example to say the least, he is indeed the ‘appetite builder’ – the zest factor.
*The Fifth Zest : Michael Phelps
“I think he can see through the ‘layers’…he loves water more than he loves himself”- Anonymous. The man who has literally stunned the world of sports with the tally of 22 precious Olympic Gold Medals, indeed knows no bounds. When he dives into the water, it seems to be his own domain of paramountcy…almost like a sovereignty that is, it’s like a home-coming for him. He is a master in every possible stroke of the sport, his dominance knows no bounds and when it comes to setting world records, he is perhaps the best bait ever. His unbeatable tickle in the record books for 100-meter butterfly, 200-meter butterfly and 400-meter individual medley stands out to be quite the gem in his ‘multi-dimensional crown’…he is almost unassailable every time he jumps into the pool…his expressive eyes do announce the insurmountable passion hidden in them. There’s a ‘spur’ in his body language every-time he warms up for the big rally…he looks focused and ready for the challenge. His insuperable zest in indeed my driving force. His iconic words - “You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get” does send in positive vibes….Michael, we are dying to see you creaming the pool yet again.

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