I can never resist Chicken Drumsticks!

The fresh aroma,
The alluring look,
The gorgeous platter,
I would be a fool if I do not let myself flatter!

If looks can kill,
Then this is the perfect deal.
If hotness is all I want,
Then please let me be frank!

I love to Eat,
No,I am always Fit!
Do not worry about the calories.
I love detox therapies :P

Let me indulge,
Let me gulp,
Let me treat my taste buds,
Time to trust my words!

No Smoke without Fire,
No Greed without Desire,
No Grill without Thrill,
Oh my friend!Take a chill pill.

Tonight,we will eat,
Tonight,we will not fight,
Tonight we will not resist,
The temptations of Chicken Drumsticks!

Thank you http://www.myborosil.com/ for salivating my taste buds :D

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