Dantewada Diaries: Chapter 3!

Location: Tribal Market, Dantewada.

In our busy day-to-day schedule, running behind deadlines and achievements, we often tend to forget simple joys of life. Now-a-days, we are so accustomed to online shopping that we have completely forgotten the experience of shopping in an open market. When I came across the Tribal market of Dantewada, I remembered the golden days of my childhood when a holiday used to mean a mandatory open market shopping session with my Dad.

Yes, in most of the urban areas, the open market shopping days are gone. Still, there are a few places, like the Tribal market of Dantewada, where we can still find happiness while filling with our bags with our daily needs. And, in the process, make a needy shopkeeper's life beautiful.

You can find almost everything at the Tribal market, right from bangles to fresh vegetables, right from delicious street food to local liquor: "Mahua". If you are lucky enough, you can even experience the thrill of watching a "Cock Fight" live! And don't forget to bring some dried fish. They taste awesome and the price will not burn a hole in your wallet.

The best part about the Tribal market is that all goods are completely fresh and the prices are very low. Many tribal people depend on this market for their livelihood. For some people, selling goods in this market is their only source of livelihood. So, isn't is a great idea to get fresh goods at awesome prices and also fulfilling the needs of a needy person?

Think about this before entering inside a posh mall to purchase things that you don't even need. Think that your contribution can change someone's life. India will definitely progress if we support our local farmers and shopkeepers!

Gear used: Nikon D3200 + 35 mm Prime Lens.