Dantewada Diaries: Chapter 2!

Location:  Muchnar, Dantewada.

Some places just steal your heart with their natural beauty. Located in Dantewada district, Muchnar is such a place. It is just 6 km away from Barsur. It is on the bank of the Indrabati river. Such greenery is a rare sight to come across in this era of technological advancement and modernisation. This area is still unexplored, which is a blessing in disguise. It is still miles away from pollution only because it is still unexplored. The dense greenery still exists only because it is free from the dense population of social animals.

Gear used: Nikon D3200, 35 mm Prime Lens.
One sight of Muchnar, One moment at Muchnar, and you will definitely feel the rush of blood to your heart as if you are experiencing your "First Love". Such is the magic of this place. There is calmness in the air. There is peace in the water. There is divinity in the ambience. There is a sense of freedom in the abundant greenery. There is romance everywhere.

Gear used: Nikon D3200, 35 mm Prime Lens.
Pic clicked using Huawei P9 smartphone.

Such type of enthralling sunset is impossible to find in metro cities. Unexplored India is the real India. If you want to discover the beauty of India, visit the unexplored parts of India. If you ever come across the unexplored parts of India, relish the beauty of Mother Nature and try your level best to preserve it. Say no to littering at such beautiful places.