Healthy is yummy!

Stay away from junk food and sweet dishes to prevent weight loss: All of us have heard this line many times. Still, we often commit the ultimate sin of consuming junk food and sweet dishes because they taste better than green vegetables. And. the very next day, we curse ourselves while praying for dishes which are tasty as well as healthy.

Good news: Our prayers have been answered. Now dishes are "Healthy as well as Yummy", thanks to Optimum Nutrition. Just add "Optimum Nutrition's Whey Protein and Casein" to any dish and taste the magic. Whey protein and Casein are popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Optimum Nutrition conducted a unique dessert tasting event at Out Of The Blue outlet of Le Sutra Hotel, Khar, Mumbai to demonstrate how healthy food can also be tasty. Masterchef Ruhee Bhimani prepared the delicious desserts.

Sesame Truffle: Fig, Gold Standard Whey Protein-chocolate, Brazilian nuts, Sesame
Peanut butter brownies: Pure chocolate, Peanut butter, Chia seeds, Almond flour, Gold Standard Casein
Oat and Flaxseed cookies: Gold Standard Casein-Vanilla, Flaxseed, Oats, Coconut flour

It was a fun, interactive and delicious event. All foodies had a great time while enjoying healthy as well as yummy desserts. At the delicious event, delicious goodie bags were gifted to all participants as a token of sweet gesture.

Now treat your taste buds without worrying about unwanted calories because #HealthyIsYummy.

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