Get Airtel 4G!

Tired of slow internet speed? Too bored to watch videos lagging due to buffering? Hate to wait for the browser to load properly? Need more speed? Have a 4G enabled smartphone but forced to use 3G? Time to switch to Airtel 4G. #GetAirtel4G and move ahead at a faster pace. 

Airtel launched 4G service in major cities of India recently. Currently, Airtel is the first and only telecom service provider to start 4G service. Airtel has started a unique campaign in twitter. Any Airtel user having a 4G enabled smartphone has to just tweet using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G to get an Airtel 4G sim delivered at his address, that too, completely free of cost! After tweeting with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G, The official twitter handle of Airtel: @airtelindia will reply to that user and direct him/her to www.airtel.in/4G where the user has to submit his details in order to receive a free Airtel 4G sim at his/her doorstep.

Airtel has started an internet revolution with the launch of 4G services. In this era of affordable and easily available 4G enabled smartphones, no other telecom service provider had tapped the potential of the immensely powerful 4G service. Airtel grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Airtel will definitely carve a niche for itself. When other telecom service providers were still stuck with 3G service, Airtel moved ahead and launched 4G service. Airtel has started a trend which others will follow. With Airtel's strong Pan-India network presence, each and every household will enjoy the mega speed of 4G. India will move faster towards future. Using Airtel's 4G service, we can enjoy high-speed internet, faster browsing, faster downloads, better online gaming and perfect video calls. Go ahead, embrace Airtel 4G. Speed is definitely good! Time to feel the speed of Airtel 4G.

To know more about Airtel 4G, Click here: www.airtel.in/4G

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