The irresistible Tropicana Slice Alphonso!

The favorite mango beverage "Slice" has transformed into "Tropicana Slice".
Tropicana Slice is available in a new and exotic flavour: Tropicana Slice Alphonso.
What makes "Tropicana Slice Alphonso" so unique and delicious? Well, it is made from handpicked Alphonso mangoes, sourced from Ratnagiri district of Maharastra.

I am crazy about mangoes. I hate the summer heat, but I love mangoes. So I have to wait for the arrival of delicious mangoes during the summers. I visit mangroves; I purchase mangoes from stores, and I lose myself in the delicious aroma and sweetness of mangoes. Alphonso mangoes are my first love. Getting hold of good quality Alphonso mangoes has become a difficult job. No need to worry. Now, Tropicana Slice Alphonso is here to treat the taste buds of all mango lovers. Now, all can enjoy the hand picked fresh Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri. Rejoice and relieve the epic sweet and golden "Mango Memories".

And the best part: I do not have to go outside to get my daily overdose of Tropicana Slice Alphonso. Say thanks to Amazon. 600 ml of pure awesomeness for just Rs 50/-. And, free delivery on orders over Rs 499/-. Perfect deal for all mango lovers! Get ready to experience the royal taste of the king of mangoes.


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