Importance of growth!

Childhood is a very important stage. The growth of the brain, body and personality occurs at this stage. Some children grow rapidly, both physically and mentally. And some children grow slowly or don't show any significant sign of growth. This can happen due to inadequate nutrients, improper diet, malnutrition or lack of vitamins and minerals.

When a child does not grow normally, it becomes a problem for the parent. All parents want their children to grow significantly, mentally as well as physically. All parents want their children to be the best, to excel in every field of life, to achieve name and fame. And childhood is the first stage towards that path of glory.

It is really important for children to attain the right height and proper weight according to their age. Being obese is a strict no-no during childhood as it may lead to fatigue, low energy levels and a sense of insecurity among the affected children. Obese children are also often taunted by their friends. And it is often seen that obese children grow into obese adults. Children who are too skinny also have to face many problems. No child ever wants to be the first one to stand in a line( according to ascending order of height) during the assembly. So, proper height is also an important factor. Many children do not attain proper height and weight according to their age. This gives a panic attack to parents. More importance should be given to the diet of children for their proper and timely growth. After all, a healthy brain resides in a healthy body. 

If, even after eating a good diet and taking part in physical activities, a child is not showing signs of significant growth, then perhaps the diet of the child is lacking some essential components. 

Four common problems are seen in children:

a) Low weight according to height: Height is proper according to age, but, weight is very low.

b) Low height according to age: Height is not proper according to age.

c) Low weight according to age: Weight is not proper according to age.

High weight according to height: Height is proper according to age, but, weight is excess.

In first three cases, it is advisable to try Horlicks Growth+. Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product which has been designed by renowned pediatrics for children. Horlicks Growth+ is recommended for children in the age group of 3-9 who are not showing significant growth in height and weight. Horlicks Growth+ promotes visible growth in children in just six months as it contains high-quality whey protein with added nutrients which help in the sound growth of children. Horlicks Growth+ is essential for children. Children are the future of our Nation. Children can change the world if they remain fit, healthy and mentally stable.

For the fourth case, proper exercise with a balanced diet is recommended.

It is really important for children to catch up on that lost growth as it will give them that much-needed confidence to do something great. Your children deserve the power of Horlicks Growth+. 

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