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Cricket is in our blood. Cricket is our religion. All of us are "Cricket Experts". All of us become excited when the captains toss the coin and the openers walk into the middle. We cheer for each and every run scored by our favorite team. We feel sad when our favorite batsman gets out cheaply. We shout in joy when our favorite team wins a match. During a cricket match, we find innovative excuses to skip school, college, and office. Yes, that is the love for cricket in India!

Now, in this modern age of technology, we do not need to skip school, college or office in order to enjoy a cricket match. Thanks to internet and smartphones, we can enjoy a cricket match anytime, anywhere. As always, there are a few "terms and conditions" everywhere. To watch a cricket match on a smartphone, we need good internet speed. Sometimes, internet speed is not up to the mark and the smartphone browser simply refuses to work. The live streaming of cricket match lags when the internet speed is not good enough and we are forced to curse our own fate. And it is almost a true fact that whenever we miss watching a cricket match, a new record is created! And most cricket lovers will agree with the point that watching a match in real time provides a thrill of another dimension which a recorded highlights session can never provide.

What is the solution? How to keep an eye over the cricket match without any hiccups? Simple! Download, Install and Use UC Browser. UC Browser is faster than other browsers. It is easier to use with seamless transitions. UC Cricket is the icing on the cake. It is a new feature introduced by UC Browser. It is a specially dedicated for all cricket lovers. UC Cricket provides the fastest cricket service. Now, there is no need to open any other website to check "Live Cricket Scores". UC Cricket provides Live Scores and Latest News. Just open UC Browser, go to home screen, click on UC Cricket(blue icon) and let the show begin!

Thanks to UC Cricket, Now I do not have to worry about my unpredictable internet speed. I can stay connected with the match in progress. I can check the live score and I can even know the latest news.  I do not need to refresh UC Cricket time and again as it has "Auto Update" feature. So, I do not have to apply for sick leaves during cricket matches. UC cricket even shows cricket matches fixtures and results. A perfect app for all cricket lovers like me! And yes, Now I will not miss any important moment of any cricket match. 

Come on, Let the battle begin! Long live cricket!

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