IPL Meri Jaan!

As the clock struck 6 pm,People started rushing towards their television sets.They kept on staring at the funny commercials impatiently.Finally,The camera zoomed towards the Two gentlemen who are known as Umpires and Two experienced soldiers in colorful jerseys who are known as The Captains.

The crowd started cheering loudly as The captains shook hands and The umpires tossed the coin.The crowd waited with bated breath as one of the captain called'Heads' and after a few milliseconds, which seemed like an eternity,the coin rolled on the lush green ground and Yes,It was Heads!

Yes,finally IPL 2014 is going to start with a bang.This was the moment for which I was waiting for the whole year.All the mighty players will be fighting against each other to earn the bragging rights of 'IPL Champions'.The celebrations,colors,cheerleaders,commentators,crowd etc etc are just so vibrant and full of energy.And,thankfully,the Rain Gods are generous in the UAE.

But,I am not sure about the weather of my city.The sky looks gloomy and occasionally Zeus is unleashing his wrath.I had decided earlier that cometh what may,but Nobody can make me skip watching even a single delivery of the opening match of IPL. I was prepared for any natural calamity.I had a solid back up plan.

My Back up Plan :

1.In case of power cut,I had charged my inverter to provide uninterrupted live telecast of IPL.

2.In case of DTH service failure,I had recharged my Data card with 10 GB of 3G data so that I can catch the IPL action via the new 
DEFERRED LIVE feature of the new starsports.com which offers FREE video stream of the match with a 5 minute delay.

Honestly,Deferred live feature is a blessing for all.Even cricket lovers working in a night shift can watch their favorite team's performance at office.And,college students can watch the rain of sixers on their Tablets.People returning to their home in metros and buses can catch the action with their mobiles.
Cricket on the go, is what starsports.com  has gifted to all cricket lovers on The planet Earth.Three cheers for this revolutionary feature by starsports.com .Oh sorry!I was describing my back up plan.

3.In case of inverter failure,I had completely charged my Tablet so that I can watch the crazy cheerleaders on my Tablet,thanks to the new 
DEFERRED LIVE feature of starsports.com 

4.In case of Tablet battery failure,I had kept my 3000 mAh Power Bank ready so that it could provide enough juice till the last ball of the 2nd innings of IPL match.

Phew,I have taken all precautions.Even a volcanic eruption can not stop me from watching IPL live in action.I am invincible,I am The Hulk.
Now,nobody can stop me from cheering for my favorite IPL team.
Oops!The God of cricket has taken retirement. :(

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