The Angel in flesh & blood:Mother!

There are many religions.There are many holy books.But there is only one GOD,though he has many names(according to different religions and mythologies).Similarly,there are many relatives and family members,but there is only one MOTHER-The angel in flesh in blood who can do anything to protect her children.And,just like GOD,Mother has many names like Maa,Aai,Mummy,Momma,Mom etc.

A man may possess physical strength but only an woman possesses internal strength,the strength which enables her to face numerous difficulties while she carries a baby in her womb for 9 months.This strength enables her to survive the intense pain during child birth.She bears all the pain just to hear the sweet voice of her little baby.That is the strength,patience and bravery of a Mother.

And,my mother is just like that......a sweet,moody,mad but loving and caring mother.I have not seen God,but i am sure that Mother is one of the many avatars of God.when i was lonely,my mother was with me.when i was down,my mother had motivated me,when i was sick,my mother had spent sleepless nights besides my bed.when i had committed mistakes,my mother had rectified me.but when i achieved success,my mother never asked for anything,she just shed tears of joy.Now tell me,can someone be so divine?No,unless she is Mother or God!

Thank you Mother.Thank you for everything.Thank you for bringing me to this world.Thank you for teaching me everything.Thank you for supporting me.Thank you for guiding me.Thank you for tolerating me(well,some kids like me and 'The son of The Mask' are really mischievous).Thank you for being my Mother :)

Mother is the best friend that a kid really needs because only a mother can understand her kids perfectly.Just like she can understand that her baby is hungry from the shrieks of her baby.Thank you Mother,for being my best friend and for your guidance in every sphere of my life.

Though,i may write 'Thank You Mother' for ten thousand times,still it will not be enough to thank you enough for your sacrifices.But,as a tribute to my loving Mother,i can at least make a promise-A promise to be a good human being,just like she wanted.

Love you Mother
Loads of love :)

‘I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with Parentous.com

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