Soldier For Women

It was one of the normal college days.We were a bunch of 2nd year guys.And as usual bunking classes was our favorite past time.we were sitting in the canteen.A group of 1st year students came there,most probably 2 gals and 1 guy.when those 1st year students took their seats,a group of 3rd year students surrounded them and started to rag them,especially the gals.We were about to stand up for the 1st year students but suddenly the 1st year guy said-Leave the gals!

There was pin drop silence.Again he said-Leave the gals.you want entertainment?i will entertain everybody.Then he started dancing and everybody started clapping.The name of that 1st year guy was SANJAY-a guy with guts and wits :)
Hats off man!Our country needs witty guys like you.

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