Big battle between Love marriage and Arranged marriage!

Well,i think that this topic has found no exact solution even after numerous debates till date.
The fight still goes on and will go on forever.

Marriage!unification of two souls,immersion of two hearts,a new stage of life,a new relationship,

a new responsibility,a new commitment etc etc.But,is marriage really necessary?cant two souls be one without marriage?does marriage prove our love?does marriage stabilizes our life?or does it curtail our freedom(enjoyed before marriage i.e,late night drives,roof top beer parties,casual flirting etc)?

Love before marriage or love after marriage?really,a mind boggling million dollar question :P

Some say that it is always better to know a person,to fall in love,to check compatibility,to know each other's likes and dislikes,to spend some time(at least 1 year) with each other before getting married.
I want to ask a few questions to these people.....cant we know someone after marriage?what if we find the person really compatible before marriage and suddenly the person changes after marriage(change is the only constant).what is the point in wasting our precious time in knowing someone who may never be compatible with us?

And the remaining just ask some baffling but practical questions - why should we love someone whom we can not marry?why should we come close to someone who can never be ours?why should we spend our time(and of course coffee bills) with someone who will enjoy his/her honeymoon with someone else after some months?

And for these people,i have another set of questions :P
is love a contract?does your lover signs a bond on first date that he/she will marry you?love just happens.it can happen anytime,anywhere and of course without warning....just like lightening :P

I have not experienced married life.but i am experienced enough in enjoying happiness in love as well as bearing the death like pain during break ups.In my opinion,marriage is not a social rule.it depends on two lovers.they are free to start a live-in relationship or thy are free to marry each other.the decision is entirely theirs.

And,as far as love marriage and arranged marriage is concerned,i will say that-we can never determine when and whom we will marry.we need a combination of love and luck to gt married with our lover.

May be,i can give a proper opinion after i experience the so called married life :P

till then,continue the battle here www.facebook.com/LoveYaArrange

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